Famous Ex-Spouses Who Cannot Stand Each Other

These celebrities used to be married, but now cannot stand each other.

Guy Ritchie and Madonna

Madonna has always commanded her husband from the very beginning of their relationship. She did not want him to spend time with friends and made him eat vegetarian food, even though Guy Ritchie used to eat steaks with blood! Moreover, she made him to take care of their children. Their divorce was inevitable.

James Cameron and Linda Hamilton

James Cameron is a tough and demanding director on set. Nevertheless, he is an entirely different person at home. Tyrannical and unpredictable Linda quarreled with him every evening. James even tried to seek the help of a psychiatrist to reason her nervous spouse. However, all attempts were in vain. That is why Cameron decided to divorce Hamilton at all cost. Eventually, she received $50 million from him. According to Zoomboola, he did not regret the money as much as he enjoyed his freedom.

Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger

The couple divorced in 2002 after nine years of marriage. However, they did not end the relationship on good terms. According to Baldwin, they had a seven-year custody battle with Basinger over their daughter. The actress had spent over $1.5 million in her efforts to deny Alec parental access. The ex-spouses still cannot stand each other.