Celebrities Who Truly Care About Animals

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonard was fond of animals since the very childhood. He used to play with his own dogs all the time. Moreover, Leo has always fed street dogs. After becoming rich and famous, DiCaprio started to spend a lot of money on financing dog shelters. He even established his own shelters for dogs. The actor is a vegetarian. He says that eating animal meat is wrong and only does it when his role require it.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

The couple share many common interests. However, one of the most important parts of their lives are animals. Nikki Reed has always loved animals. She used to bring street animals home when she was a child. Nikki bottle-fed small animals such as squirrels and hamsters.

Ian Somerhalder is also an avid animal lover. He always had cats and dog and fed street animals. Nowadays, the celebrity couple actively support animal rescue funds. They urge everyone to take animals from shelters and have a lot of dogs and cat themselves.

Natalie Portman

The actress avoids eating foods of animal origin. Natalie believes that animals cannot be exploited. She actively protects animal and encourages people to stop wearing fur and skin. According to rumors, Natalie Portman had to wear genuine leather clothes in one of her films, but she refused it.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is an animal lover who wants to ban furs all over the world. She claims that she will never wear a thing made of natural skin. Charlize has been a vegetarian for many years. As a child, she lived with as many as 14 rescued dogs at one time. Nowadays, the actress has rescue dogs too.

Tom Hardy

Tom is one of the biggest fans of dogs. He spends a lot of time and efforts to help street dogs. The actor is financing shelters and animal rescue funds. Tom claims that a dog is a man’s best friend. The actor could not recover for a long time after he lost his dog Woody.