6 Best Family Comedy Movies About Kids

Having children is one of the main purposes of life. Your kid will definitely make you happier and you will have plenty of wonderful moments together. However, sometimes your children are driving you crazy! Let us recall the best family movies focused on kids.

Playing with Fire

A group of elite smokejumpers saved three children. They have to look after them while their parents are away because of an accident. These fearless men were not ready for such a challenging mission. Will they find common ground with little kids?

The Spy Next Door

A Chinese secret agent works undercover for the US government. He really likes his beautiful neighbor Gillian. One day, she leaves him to take care of her three children. The protagonist has to fight Russian mafia and watch after naughty kids at the same time.

Twin Sitters

Peter and David Falcone are fierce twin bodybuilders. One day, they save the life of a corrupt official who agreed to testify against his former partner. He hires them as bodyguards for his nasty nephews. Even though brother athletes know nothing about parenting, they have very kind hearts.

The Pacifier

Vin Diesel plays a U.S. Navy SEAL lieutenant who has to guard a scientist and his five children. Will he manage to protect these naughty kids and complete his secret mission?

Dennis the Menace

Dennis Mitchell is a mischievous five-year old boy who gets kidnapped by a robber. Fortunately, Dennis can stand for himself. While the whole town is looking for him, he makes the robber regret his criminal deeds.

Yours, Mine & Ours

He is a widower with 8 children. She is a widow with 10 children. They fell in love with each over and decided to marry. Their 18 children have to live under one roof now!