Ordinary Man. Is it The Last Ozzy Osbourne’s Album?

It seems that the latest Ozzy Osbourne‘s movie will be his final work.

Of course, I must admit that Ozzy is  a very talented musician and his wife Sharon, who is also his producer, is a great businesswoman. The legendary rocker has not released a single bad album throughout his entire career. The new album also seems to be decent. Of course, it is more of a production project than a work of passion. Nevertheless, it is still worth listening to.

Just like some of the other works of great musicians, the album needs to be listened numerous time. You will not love it as soon as you hear it. However, it is still good old Ozzy Osbourne. Even though “Ordinary Man” is not as energetic as it previous works, the album is filled with amazing sense of humor and self-irony.

Calm songs only make the album better. “Ordinary Man” includes many references both to his solo work (All My Life) and the classic Black Sabbath songs (Goodbye). There is something to shake your hair to (Straight To Hell) and something to shed a nostalgic tear to (Ordinary Man). There is even a potential hit — Under The Graveyard.

Overall, the album is great. It sounds very fresh, aggressive, and hard. Just how I like it.

Moreover, Ozzy tried to experiment and it went very well. For instance, the final song recorder together with Post Malone is awesome. As to the ballad Ordinary Man recorder with Elton John, it might become a classic song one day.