Actors Who Were Bullied in School

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was not always an athlete with a perfect body. During his childhood, Iron Arnie was tall and thin. Classmates bullied the future action film icon.

Sylvester Stallone

Sly has partial face paralysis since he was born. He has a snarling look and slurred speech because of that. Of course, bullies at school could not let this fact unnoticed.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s father was in a constant search for a better job, so his family moved around a lot. The future actor attended 14 different schools! Tom switched schools so quickly so he simply did not have enough time to make any friends. He was often bullied because of his height and crooked teeth. Eventually, Tom Cruise fought back and stopped all the bullies.

Zac Efron

As weird as it sounds, a famous heartbreaker Zac Efron was not always beautiful. His schoolmates thought he was ugly so they made fun of him. Zac fell in love with the most popular girl in the class but she laughed at him. I wonder whether she regrets her decision now.

Jude Law

Jude Law was also bullied over his appearance. Bullies called him a girl because he was pretty. Back then, they could not know that Jude Law’s looks will help him become a popular Hollywood actor loved by women from all over the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Even though Leo DiCaprio has managed to become a successful actor, he was a very bad student. Due to poor school performance, bullies called him a dumbass.