The Most Famous Animals-Actors

I love animals very much and watch every movie with fluffy friends. So I’d like to tell about my beloved ones.

Pebbles – the Finch’s Cat from “Harry Potter”

The longest contact among all the “Harry Potter” animals-actors was signed with a cat Pebbles who acted as Miss Norris. The makeup men were sticking fur on Pebbles, used the hair gel – they were creating the dirty, frightening and wet image which could fit the cat’s master.  

Orca Keiko – “Free Willy”

The leading part in the movie was acted by a male orca Keiko, while his understudy was a mechanical whale model. It was made so artificially that Keiko even tried to communicate with the machine. After the Willy trilogy release eco-activists demanded to free the animal. But the freedom turned into the tragedy – in a year he had pneumonia and died near the coast of Norway. 

St. Bernard’s Chris – “Beethoven”

St. Bernard’s Chris was chosen out of 12 candidates to play in “Beethoven” movie. The screenwriter noticed the acting skills of the dog at once. The animal could easily fly out through the window, faint on command and lick the food out of the table. But even in spite of the skills Chris had he had been trained for 6 months before taking part in the project. 

Pug Mushy – “Men in Black”

The real name of a funny pug from “Men in Black” movie is Mushy. It turned out that the dog could be trained to imitate the human emotions and bark on command. Due to these skills the filmmakers managed to shoot a 90-second episode with Mushy singing. He had been trained for 3 months only. 

Yorkshire Terrier Gidget – “Sex and the City”

The original idea of the screenwriter was to find for Samantha a dog with the strong sexual energy. That would be some kind of a metaphor of her owner’s life. But turned out that it was not so easy to find a dog which would be ready to do “it” on camera.

After the long search the director had chosen a Yorkshire terrier Gidget with a haircut. The dog was behaving like a real diva. They were her star whims to change the set timetable of her partner – Kim Cattrall.